Hello and welcome to the official site of Nathan Burrage. I’m an Australian author of speculative fiction novels and short stories.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to have a poke around. Amongst other things, you’ll find updates on my current writing projects, some samples of my published work, a few thoughts on writing, and other oddments.

If you’re interested in such things, I’m represented by the John Jarrold Literary Agency.

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Here’s the quick version: I live in Sydney, Australia, and was first published in 2001. Since then, I’ve had one novel published, a collection of short fiction, with 2 more novels in the pipeline. Along the way, I have been short-listed for both the Aurealis Awards and the Ditmar Awards.

To pay the bills, I manage projects in the Financial Services industry.

The longer version…


I wrote many short stories before my debut novel—FIVEFOLD—was published by Random House Australia and translated into Russian. Some of them were even published, which was very useful preparation for working with a major publishing house.

These days novels take up most of my writing time, but the occasional short story does manage to sneak past the deadline guards. Feel free to take a look at my Bibliography, which will include any forthcoming publications. I’ve also added some sample stories for your reading pleasure.


As an author, you frequently encounter a range of common questions. For example, where do your ideas come from? Or, how did you manage to land a major publisher? Or perhaps worst of all, why don’t you write a story about [insert plot line of latest international bestseller]?

If I have learned anything about writing over the years, it would have to be this: there is no single guaranteed path to success. You must find out what works for you.

More thoughts on writing…