August release date

Almost Human – my upcoming short story collection – will be released in August by IFWG. I can’t wait to see it in print and digital formats.

In the meantime, some fellow authors have been kind enough to review the collection in advance and had this to say:

The stories in Nathan Burrage’s Almost Human are both epic and familiar, magical and futuristic, but always deeply human. We are immersed in the grandest and the most intimate of struggles with the same sense of immediacy, the same feeling of being transported to another world. Sometimes, we almost recognise that world, it’s so close to our own. Sometimes, it’s so far, but no less real. … Travelling with Nathan as he draws you through the stories in this collection is an intense journey, one that illuminates the very nature of what it means to be human… or almost.

— Joanne Anderton, award-winning author of The Bone Chime Song and other Stories and The Veiled Worlds series.

Nathan Burrage is a superbly gifted wordsmith and in Almost Human … readers are catapulted from their comfort zones and chilled, thrilled and always entertained. From the end of the Middle Ages and a warring Europe, to the majesty and mystery of Istanbul, a cyberpunk nightclub, Bulgaria, Borneo and the suburbs of Sydney, this gripping collection is not only a journey through time and alternate and sometimes dark, mystical spaces, it’s a lexical feast for the imagination and the ultimate in escapism.

Dr Karen Brooks, author of The Brewer’s Tale, The Darkest Shore and The Good Wife of Bath.

Nathan Burrage’s magic is to make the reader feel wiser for reading this transportive collection.  The clever clockwork of lived travel, careful research and wild imagination are invisible – yet inevitable – in stories that are as thought-provoking as they are effortless to enjoy.  This collection often had me reading late into the night saying to myself: Just one more!

Stephen M Irwin, author of The Dead Path and The Broken Ones, and screenwriter of Harrow, Secrets & Lies, and Tidelands.