Speculation in self-isolation

I suspect a lot of people, like myself, have been catching up on their reading during this period of enforced self-isolation. A stack of back issues of Dimension6 have piled up on my Kindle and I’ve been steadily working through them. Here are my recommendations.



The Reclaimers by Mark Webb.

A bit long, although the pacing is good, the narrator’s voice never wavers, and the story never makes the mistake of taking itself too seriously.

Water for Antiquities by the late Robert Stephenson.

Enjoyable story featuring a non-human protagonist scavenging for ancient artefacts and finding something more than it bargained for.






#WhiteWitch by Shauna O’Meara.

Great pacing with plenty of action packed into an unusual setting.

The Giant’s Servant by Trent Jamieson.

Probably the pick of the bunch. A non-traditional fairy tale with a beautiful cadence to it that has plenty of interesting things to say about giants, and perhaps life in general. Highly recommended.




Each issue of Dimension6 is free to download, although do consider buying one (or more!) of the annual collections for just 99 cents. You can purchase them here: Dimension6 Annual Collection