Trace your Bloodlines

A few weeks ago, editor (and author) Amanda Pillar announced the table of contents for “Bloodlines“, a new anthology being published by Ticonderoga publications. The full posting is located here.

I was very chuffed to have a story included in this impressive line-up, so my thanks to Amanda and the publishers at Ticonderoga, who have been publishing fine speculative fiction for many years now.

Bloodlines is expected to be released in the last quarter of 2015 and was pitched as follows:

Blood will tell… blood holds memory… blood is sacrifice… blood is thicker than water… blood is life.

Bloodlines will feature non-traditional horror stories, which take place in an urban fantasy setting. Give me stories about creatures that need blood to live, or blood to do magic, or whose blood is magic. Witches, shamans, faeries, ancient gods and humans can feature in this collection, so long as your story exudes magic and mystery. So long as you enchant me.

Who could resist such a bewitching premise? I’m very much looking forward to this anthology.